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Getting Started

When starting to look for a new bike, think about these questions:

What type of riding are you planning on doing? (Casual, Fitness, or Racing) How often do you plan on riding and what kind of distances will you ride? What type of bike do you have now? What do you like and dislike about it? Who will you ride with? What do they ride on?

Our staff will listen and help you evaluate these questions in order to find the right bike for you. For some more information on the different types of bikes available visit our Bikes webpage.

Take a test ride

Having a hard time deciding on the right bike? Take a test ride. The test ride is one of the most important steps to finding that perfect new bike. We encourage our customers to ride several different models. This allows you to narrow down the bike you really want.

Get the proper size

Bike shop bikes come in a variety of sizes. The size of the bicycle is very important for comfortable riding. The length of your inseam determines the correct frame size, in terms of stand-over height. The reach to the bars is also critical for comfort. Once you pick out your new bike our staff will size and adjust the bike to fit you properly.

Learn how to operate your new bike

Today’s bikes are easy to operate, but they may be different compared to what you are used to. Our staff will walk you through important features on your bike you may not understand. By making sure you are comfortable with things the quick release levers, shifters and brakes your new bike will be even more enjoyable.

There's more to cycling than the bike

We offer many accessories that can improve your speed, safety, comfort and fun. Don’t forget about things like bike locks, lights, tools, helmets and other accessories. These things are all important to make your ride much more enjoyable.

Keep your bike running like new

All bikes will need adjusting from time to time. Normal maintenance is important to ensure the longevity of the bike. Things as small as lubing the chain and putting air in the tires will make the ride much easier. Remember Fitzharris also does LIFE TIME ADJUSMENTS free of charge with all of the new bikes we sell.

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